I hate not working and having time alne for a whole afternoon when i’m at school

Usually i could just talk to my sister or brothers and walk to get a slice of pizza or hang out with my friends dwntown

but here I can’t and usually it’s rare that the people I know here can go out into town and I always feel bad wanting to ask because some don’t work so I don’t wanna make them feel bad :(

and now it’s cold and I have to d laundry but no quarters


Carlton dropping some real shit


Watched Lolita today for the first time and damn I got all excited and made this


Shut me up - Mindless Self Indulgence 

AKA I Understood None Of This Video But I Liked It Anyways



The elements fire, water, air, earth, and chaos define magic in the world of The Iron Trial by Holly Black and Casandra Clare. Young mages should study these rules closely before attempting magic!

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When the last book in a series is published in a new style that doesn’t match the rest of the series:



Alone and cute
Eating potato soup in my cold ass dorm room